ML 1500 Flat Press Creasing Die Cutting Machine

ML 1500 Flat Press Creasing Die Cutting Machine

ML 1500 Flat Press Creasing Die Cutting Machine
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ML series Manual Die Cutting & Creasing Machine is the ideal equipment for die-cutting all kinds of paperboard, leather, plastic, and so on. This machine is the ideal equipment for printing factories.
A manual die-cutting Machine is one kind of basic die-cutting machine for sampling and customizing products. Changing the cutting plate easily, operating easily, and the perfect protection system are the main reason which can win the market. It is also the perfect model for creasing, suitable for many kinds of different-weight cardboard.
Our “SHIWEI” brand ML series Manual Creasing and Die Cutting Machine is widely used in post-press industry, this platen converting paper, carton board, heavy solid board, semi-rigid plastic, corrugated into different product with high efficiency, such as food/beverage/ personal care/ home&office/ industrial package and so on.
As a professional manufacturer of hot stamping die-cutting machines with a long history, GUANGYA - SHIWEI has laid the foundation for current mainstream manual foil stamping and die-cutting machines in the market.

1) High strength due to whole body casting with high quality material.
2) Smooth running, high pressure and low noise with 2-step helical gear mechanism.
3) Single plate electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable.
4) Operational altitude is reasonably arranged, moving-bed opens to its maximum.
5) Electrical system is designed in conformity with IEC standard.
6) Single, continuous operation and opening delay are available, delay range adjustable.
7) Reliable safety system.
8) Adjustable chases with moveable bar.
9) Concentrated automatic lubricating system.


Technical Data


Inner chase size

1500 X 1060 mm

Max. die cutting size

1500 X 1060 mm

Working speed

23±2 s/min

Max. rule length

≤40 m

Motor power

11 kW


7000 kg

Overall machine dimensions

2540 X 2050 1900 mm

Configuration of chase



Main Host

• Highest strength casting iron, strong, stable and sturdy

• All the castings are treated with annealing, which will reduce the wear of the machine

• Pressure micro adjustment device, easy for setting up

• Excellent workmanship, quality assurance

• Good appearance and design concept

Lubrication System

• Automatic centralized lubrication system

• The frequency of lubricating can be adjusted

• Easier for maintenance

Control System

Operating System

• Equipped with control panel, easy to operate

• Delay function can control machine open and creasing time.

Electrical System

• Modular design of electrical system

• CE standard electric system

• Imported electrical appliances, quality assurance


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