LK 106EMT Automatic Intelligent Foil Stamping And Die Cutting Machine

LK 106EMT Automatic Intelligent Foil Stamping And Die Cutting Machine

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1. Automatic pressure adjustment system by servo motor, higher precision and more convenient

2. Automatic decreasing pressure if no paper, extend mould service life

3. Non-stop sampling function, improve work efficiency

4. Remote information monitoring function, automatic foiling optimization function

5. Stamping data storage function




Max. sheet size(mm)


Min. sheet size(mm)


Max. die cutting size(mm)


Max. stamping size(mm)


Gripper Margin(mm)


Paper range


Max. working pressure


Max. working speed(s/h)


Max. stamping speed(s/h)


Foil feeding shaft

5 (3 in longitudinal, 2 in transversal)

Zones individually heated

12 (max to 200°C)

Max. delivery pile height


Max. feeding pile height


Main motor power(KW)


Power rating(KW)


Machine weight(kg)


Overall machine dimensions(mm)


Air requirements

0.6Mpa, >0.37m³/min


Non-stop Feeder

• Imported Non-stop High-Speed Feeder

• Feeder anti-collision protection

• Feeder electric adjustment

• “SMART” - One button start function, feeder is automatically in position

• Synchronous belt drive to ensure the accuracy of paper feeding

• Left and right movement function of pile tray

• Adjustable paper feeding side blowers

• Pre-stacking paper function, non-stop paper feeding function

Feed Table

Imported belts

The belt is automatically tightened, no need to adjust

Adaptive pressure wheel

Electrical front lays

Push-pull integrated side guides

Imported Antistatic pattern stainless steel

Ultrasonic double sheet detector

SMART” - One button start function, feeding wheel is automatically in position

Host station

Electrically pressure adjustment function

Automatic pressure keeping and pressure reduction function

Imported intermittent mechanism and synchronous belt drive to ensure running accuracy

Presetting Table

Frame and Bottom Plate

Two-way one button locking device for chase and bottom plate

Positioning locking function of frame and host to ensure operation accuracy

Anti-drop protection function for chase and supporting plate

Integrated bottom plate, change job fast

Steel plate imported from Germany

Quick-lock cutting board frame with center positioning

Cutting plate fine adjustment

Host Structure

Host with exclusive and innovative design and is made of specially treated materials

Extremely high strength, toughness and service span

Can withstand greater working pressure and working speed

Foil Stamping Station

Exclusive innovative foil stamping structure

With 3 longitudinal and 2 transverse foil shafts

12 independent temperature zones to avoid interstitial temperature differences

Independent temperature control, energy efficient

Preheating function in temperature zone, save time

Hot stamping memory function,  storing operation recipes, reduce makeready time

Extremely large operating space , reduced labour intensity

Longitudinal foil group has electrical foil feeding system, greatly saving time, improving work efficiency

Air shaft unit , multi-purpose, suit for large areas of aluminium foil

Holographic foil stamping (optional)

Foil Stepping Function

Independently developed, exclusive system

Automatic foil stepping calculation function, foil stepping optimisation function

Up to 6 sets of irregular foil stepping with different spacing can be calculated automatically

Foil Break Detection System

On-screen operation, easy to use

Sensitive detection, reducing waste of aluminum foil and paper

Independent switch


Automatic non-stop auxiliary delivery function

Non-stop sampling function

Servo-controled braking brush with motorized adjustment function (length and angle)

Rear jogger fine adjustment device

Tape inseter

Safety light curtain

SMART” - One button start function, delivery is automatically in position

Paper delivery fan system. It can be adjusted individually; infinitely variable speed.

Automatic intermittent lubrication system

Control System

Operating System

24-inch industrial control large-size true color touch capacitive screen

Easy operation and visualized functions

Automatic screen off function, environmental protection and energy saving

Production operation monitoring, data statistics function.

Imported motion control system, Ethercat real-time industrial bus structure

Electrical System

Modular design of electrical system

All imported electrical appliances, quality assurance

Remote module, fast and convenient maintenance

Large-capacity air circulation filter system for electrical cabinets

Air conditioner for electric cabinet (optional)



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