LK 106EMT Automatic Foil Stamping And Die Cutting Machine

LK 106EMT Automatic Foil Stamping And Die Cutting Machine

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Technical parameter

Max.Sheet size


Min. Sheet size


Max. Die cutting size


Max. Mechanical speed


Max. Stamping speed


Paper range


Foil pulling shafts

Longitudinal 3,transversal 2

Max. Foil diameter


Zones individually heated

12 zones

Cutting accuracy


Max. Working pressure


Gripper margin


Max. Feeding pile height (with plate)


Max. Delivery pile height (with plate)


Main motor power


Total machine power


Air requirement


Machine weight


Overall machine dimension



1)Perfect design, fine assembly, good stability, safety, low noise.
2)Worm gear, worm rod, crankshaft drive technology, die cutting high pressure, long service life.
3)Imported high-precision cam indexing unit, die-cutting high precision, stable performance, stable running.
4)European technology feeding head, sucking paper adjustable, stable, accurate, paper various applicability.
5)Non-stop feeding, pre-coding paper pile and auxiliary paper delivery device, shorten the auxiliary time, improve work efficiency.
6)Die-cutting chase and sole plate structure, user-friendly design, installing and adjusting mold quick and easy.
7)Pneumatic locking chase device, frame fixed more secure, accurate, timesaving.
8)Front lay, side lay and paper delivering device fine adjustment, paper positioning convenient and accurate.
9)Double sheets, crooked sheets, empty sheets photoelectric level control, to ensure accurate and stable paper, reduce waste.
10)Modular electrical control design, the use of imported international famous brand electrical components to ensure accurate control, good reliability.
11)Touch-screen man-machine interface, running real-time dynamic monitoring display, machine adjustment, troubleshooting convenient and quick.
12)Circulation cooling oil supply system to ensure that the machine moving parts with good lubrication, durable.
13)Regular quantitative automatic oil supply system to ensure that other moving parts of the machine fully lubricated, long service life.
14)Equipped with longitudinal 3shafts, transversal 2 shaft, individual foil feeding system, ensure foil transferring stable, accurate, tension control reliable, when machine running at high speed, less stretch on foil, the feeding difference is only 1mm.
15)Waste foil rewinding hair wheel is controlled by servo motor, provides effective guarantee for high-speed, smooth, accurate hot stamping;
16)High heat-resistant special material, styling processed honeycomb plate, any position can be positioned, heat-resistant rods and anti-sliding special lays to make hot stamping more accurate and perfect
17)12 heating zones temperature individually controlled, independent research and development of PID precise heating control system, effectively control the temperature of the stamping plate, ensure the temperature control of the whole heating system is more balanced and accelerate response.

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