LK 106EMT Automatic Foil Stamping And Die Cutting Machine

LK 106EMT Automatic Foil Stamping And Die Cutting Machine

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Auto pressure adjustment system by servo motor, higher precision and more convenient

Automatic decreasing pressure if no paper, extend mould service life

Non-stop sampling function, improve work efficiency

Remote information monitoring function, Automatic foiling optimization function

Stamping data storage function

  • Max. Die Cutting Size
    746×1060 MM
  • Max. Hot Foil Stamping Size
    746×1060 MM
  • Max. Relief Format
    730×1060 MM
  • Gripper Margin
    9-17 MM
  • Max. Working Pressure
    2.6 MN
  • Min. Paper Size
    340×400 MM
  • Max. Paper Size
    760×1060 MM
  • Max. Die Cutting Speed
    8000 S/H
  • Max. Foil Stamping Speed
    6500 S/H
  • Paper Range
    80-2000 G/M2
  • Corrugated Paper
    4 MM
  • Feeding Pile Height (With Pallet)
    1400 MM
  • Feeding Pile Height Feeding, Non-stop Mode
    1100 MM
  • Delivery Pile Height (With Pallet)
    1300 MM
  • Heating Plate (12 Zones , 2 Kw Each)
    24 KW
  • Main Motor Power
    15 KW
  • Total Power
    65 KW
  • Overall size, No Pedals
    6600×2720×2800 MM
  • Overall size, Pedals Without Presetting Table
    7400×4320×2800 MM
  • Overall size, Pedals With Presetting Table
    7400×5820×2800 MM
  • Air Requirements
    0.6 MPA,>0.37 M³/MIN
  • Machine Weight
    26 T
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