TYM 1300 Automatic Web-fed hot foil stamping machine for Non-woven

TYM 1300 Automatic Web-fed hot foil stamping machine for Non-woven

Brand new non-woven hot foil stamping machine , as a new generation of products at home and abroad, which is suitable for non-woven hand bag, calendar and so on
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Automatic Web-Fed Hot Foil Stamping Machine For Non-Woven Fabrics is designed for non-woven fabrics, calendar, hand bag and so on. According to the market need and customer request, TYM1300 could not only stamping in paper, but also for non-woven material. The main machine adopts imported frequency converter, to ensure the stability of the machine. So than machine speed could reach a high speed and have foil feeding shafts which could let machine stamp multiply colors.

1) TYM1300 Automatic Web-fed Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Non-woven Fabrics is GUANGYA’s revolutionary product after many years’ developed.
2) Stable, durable, safe, and easy-to-operate are the core design ideas for this machine.
3) We improved major innovations in the overall frame structure of the machine and most major institutions under EU CE safety standards, so the machine performance is more stable and the operation is more safe and convenient.
4) Feeding and rewinding can be finished automatically. It can automatic detection, correction edge and photoelectric colour mark, also have large pressure and high register accuracy.


Technical Data


Suitable Material


70-500 g/㎡

Non-woven Fabrics


Plastic Sheet


Sheet Size

Max. roll diameter

1300 mm

Max. feeding length

1200 mm

Max. sheet size

1280 x 600 mm


Max. foil stamping speed

4200 tims/h

Max. working pressure

120 t

Working accuracy

± 0.1 mm

Foil Stamping

Adjustable temperature

20 - 200 °C

Heatable zones


Foil shafts

1L (Standard)
2L2T (Option)

Max. foil diameter

220 mm

Power Supply

Main motor power rate

3.7 kW

Heating plates power rate

2 kW each, 24 kW

Total power rate

31.2 kW

Air supply

0.6 Mpa, 0.37 M3/min

Machine Dimension


7305 mm


2833 mm


2262 mm


7.8 t


Feeding Station

• Paper load hydraulic

• Pneumatic shaft

• Using imported air clutch to ensure brake sensitive when machine running at high or low speed

• Ultrasonic detection system

• With deviation correction function, ensure working accuracy

Foil Part and Host Station

• Electrically pressure adjustment function

• 12 independent temperature zones to avoid interstitial temperature differences

• Independent temperature control, energy efficient

• Preheating function in temperature zone, save time

• Easy operation, reduced labour intensity

• Up to 4 sets of irregular foil stepping with different spacing can be set


• Paper unload hydraulically

• Pneumatic shaft

• Servo rewinding

Electrical Part

• Modular design of electrical system

• Imported electrical appliances, quality assurance

• Remote module, fast and convenient maintenance

• Air circulation filter system for electrical cabinets


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