TYM 2-1400JT Automatic Web-Fed Hot Foil Stamping and Die Cutting Machine

TYM 2-1400JT Automatic Web-Fed Hot Foil Stamping and Die Cutting Machine

TYM 2 - 1400JT Automatic Web-fed Hot Foil Stamping and Die Cutting Machine is fully patented product
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TYM2-1400JT Duopress Automatic Web-Fed Hot Foil Stamping and Die Cutting Machine in One Press is designed as the new generation product; It is used for automatic stamping roll material that after the printing, laminating. It is suitable for the production of paper box, paper cup, Surround-Bidding label, card paper pressing convex, portable paper bag, paper cover and so on.
The main machine and frame adopt the advanced resin sand technical, which ensures machine be more stable. The main components are controlled by the Japan Mitsubishi PLC. The main motor is controlled by AC frequency conversion speed regulator; The main transmission system is equipped by air clutch brake equipment, which makes the machine running steadily.
The machine equipment adopts high precision color photo-electrical automatic trace detection, servo motor automatic locating system. Material automatic loading, equipping --- feeder automatic correct equipment. It has advantages of easy length adjustment, high precision locating, stable feeding, even tension, compact structure, high automatic, easy operation, stable property and so on.


Technical Data


Suitable Material


80-400 g/㎡

Non-woven Fabrics


Plastic Sheet


Sheet Size

Max. roll diameter

1400 mm

Max. feeding length

750 mm

Max. sheet size

1400 X 750 mm


Max. working speed

8000 s/h

Max. working pressure

350 t

Working accuracy

± 0.1 mm

Foil Stamping

Adjustable temperature

20 - 200 °C

Heatable zones

12 each host

Foil shafts

1st Host 3L2T,
2nd Host 3L2T

Max. foil diameter

220 mm

Power Supply

Main motor power rate

42 kW

Heating plates power rate

2 kW each

Total power rate

84 kW

Air supply

0.6 Mpa, 0.37 M3/min

Machine Dimension


17650 mm


4675 mm


2330 mm


42 t


Feeding Station

• Paper load hydraulic

• Pneumatic shaft

• Imported air clutch to ensure brake sensitive when machine running at high or low speed

• Ultrasonic detection system

• Double brake system to ensure smooth feeding

• With deviation correction function, ensure working accuracy

• With material connecting function, highly improves work efficiency.

Deviation Correction System

• 2nd high-precision deviation correction greatly guarantees the operation accuracy

• Rolls storage and tension guarantee function

Host Station

• Electrically pressure adjustment function

• One button locking device for chase

Foil Stamping

• 12 independent temperature zones to avoid interstitial temperature differences

• Independent temperature control, energy efficient

• Preheating function in temperature zone, save time

• Easy operation, reduced labour intensity

• Hologram Stamping (optional)

Foil Stepping Function

• Independently developed, exclusive system

• Automatic foil stepping calculation function, foil stepping optimization function

• Up to 6 sets of irregular foil stepping with different spacing can be calculated automatically


• Paper unload hydraulic

• Pneumatic shaft

• Servo rewinding

• Ultrasonic detection system

• Rolls pressing function

Control System

• Industrial control color touch screen

• Easy operation and visualized functions

• Automatic screen off function, environmental protection and energy saving

• Production operation monitoring, data statistics function.

Electrical Part

• Modular design of electrical system

• Imported electrical appliances, quality assurance

• Remote module, fast and convenient maintenance

• Air circulation filter system for electrical cabinets


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